2022 Executive Oil Conference & Exhibition Issue

20 Executive Oil Conference Show / Nov 15-16, 2022 OILTIZER® The Equipment Network 800-255-7215 DD 58-93-2-R® POWER TUBING TONG is smaller, lighter and faster than the Foster 5893R. The DD 58-93-2-R is capable of gripping tubulars from 1 5/16" to 7"o.d. D&D TONGS POWER TONG SALES AND SERVICE FULL INVENTORY OF TONG PARTS • 250, 350, 500 Ton Spider/Elevators • 13-3/8 200 Ton Spider Bowls • HYC, MYC, YC, YT, MYT Elevators • 20" Tong, Bowl, and Slips • Extension Bails RANDY DAVIS e-mail: randyddtongs@aol.com PHONE: (325) 665-1861 PO Box 191 • Abilene, TX 79604 ALLEN GANN Office: (325) 677-5999 e-mail: allenddtongs@aol.com PHONE: (325) 725-7036 375 T&P Lane • Abilene, TX 79602 IN STOCK: NEW EQUIPMENT -D&D-58-93-2-R -STANDARD & HIGH TORQUE CASING TONGS -FOSTER & CROWN 5893R -TUBING SPIDERS, B, C,CHD,E, & INSERTS -FOSTER 74-92 -TONG JAWS, DIES, REPLACEMENT PARTS -BJ, CROWN RSX -TUBING & CASING ELEVATORS -OIL COUNTRY TUBING & ROD TONGS -HANDLING TOOLS, SAFETY CLAMPS -PECK-O-MATIC -ROD HOOKS, ELEVATORS, & TRANSFERS INVENTORY REDUCTION-PACKAGE DEALS!!! CROWN RSX & CHD TUBING SPIDER-$13,000.00 CROWN 5893R & CHD TUBING SPIDER-$18,000.00 WE ALSO PROVIDE RENTAL SERVICES: TUBING AND CASING TONGS, POWER UNITS, HANDLING TOOLS ACTIVELY BUYING CASING EQUIPMENT SUCH AS: 58-93-R 58-93-2-R www.ddtongs.com